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Progress 2012



Winter Resting





Winter Pruning








This is the resting vine. Looks quite complicated with canes all over the shop.


First thing is to identify 2-3 pencil thick canes that will replace last year’s fruiting canes and make sure you don’t cut them.

Be bold and cut away last year’s fruiting canes.





Clear away any associated vertical canes to give yourself a clearer view

Remove any other canes except the 2-3 you identified as potential new fruiting canes.





The new canes need to be pencil thick, have at least 8-10 buds along their length and originate from the crown or just under.

Now bend down one cane on each side. Be careful not to snap the cane – just bend slowly and gently in the area between buds.





Tie down to the fruiting wire using paper covered twistie

When you have a single cane tied down on each side of the crown, cut the remaining canes back to leave 2 buds. These are the spurs that will produce next year’s fruiting canes





Double Guyot




Bud Burst





Bud Rubbing








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