The First and Only Vineyard in Lewisham



Progress April 2008


Planting the Vineyard



Here are photos of each step of the planting process.

They might load faster with broadband connections.

A historic moment it was, the planting of Lewisham's first vineyard!

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Vines Arrive





Soaking roots for 12hours





26 Phoenix, 13 Orion, 13 Regent


We decided on hybrid varieties due to their inherent resistance to mildews

because we will be growing organically














Cutting Roots to hands width




Dig Hole so scion (join between root stock and vine) sits above ground






First Phoenix Vine Planted




Vines spaced 1.5m apart within the row,

and rows 1.8m apart











Enlisted help…






Tubex Ecovine tubes from Vigo















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